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     Currently my most intense work is the method-book I am writing on "Orhun", the original notation system I developed for the Turkish Mouth Harp (Kopuz), the ancient Turkish instrument.

     Featured in this book will be general data on the Kopuz, its 
significant place in Turkish Culture, its timbral colors, and guidelines about reading my notation system. The "Orhun Notation" technique arises from my desire for a single, stable system of notation for the Kopuz. In this, the "Orhun Tamga (Runic Seal) Alphabet" symbolizes the fundamental sounds produced by the instrument. Thereby this concept demonstrates the unity of ethno-musicology, Turkology, and philology. This is the paramount building block of "Orhun Notation".

     By following this site, you can receive news on the completion and publication of my book.


Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu
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