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By invitation of His Excellency Consul General Umut Acar, a Concert of the
Chamber Music of Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu was performed by the musicians of
"Midwest Young Artists Conservatory", at the Turkish Consulate General in
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"Tiyatro Kırmızı" in Istanbul presented Alfred Hitchcock's "Strangers on a Train".

Original Music:
Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu
In Chicago Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu presented a Master Class on "Orhun Notation", the specific system of notation for the Turkish Mouth Harp which he created. 
Reflecting his interest and respect for Turkish language and culture, Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu is a member of the "Türk Dili Derneği" (Turkish Language Association), and takes a formal role in the research and studies of the Association.

"Küçük Salon", theatre center in Istanbul, presented "On a Winter's Night the Actors Perform Shakespeare".

Original Music:
Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu

At The Fine Arts Building in Chicago, Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu presented a Master Class and Concert on the Turkish Mouth Harp, Ney (Reed Flute) and Bendir (Skin Drum), with the support of Jazz Drummer Lanny Grilly.

Theater play "Exhibition: The Elephant Man" performed at "Öykü Sahne" in

Original Music: Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu

Türk Ocağı Ön-Türk Akademisi Sunumu.jpg

Featured in "Orhun Tamga Notation Conference" for Turkish Mouth Harp at
Academy of Proto-Turkic Studies.

Academy of Proto-Turkic Studies

"XEO PLANET Improvisation Festival - Competition" in memory of "Denis
Feofentov", at the "Sergei Lunkevich National Philharmonic Hall", in Chisinau,
capital of the Republic of Moldova.

Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu
Concourse Honor:
Second Place
In Istanbul Ali Erdoğan, writer and director, presented his theatre piece
"İnsanoğlu İnsan" (Once a Human, Always a Human) performed by "Kabare Dev Aynası".

Original Music:
Umut Deniz Topçuoğlu

A presentation titled "Orhun Tamga Notation for Turkish Mouth Harp" organized
by "Turkish Culture and Research Club" at Istanbul University, Faculty of Letters.

August 29 Topcuoglu concert Final 300dpi
Supported by Turkish Consulate General Chicago and sponsors, a concert at Chicago's Newberry Library, including Orhun Notation System for Turkish Mouth Harp.
Orhun Notation seminar and concert, developed for Turkish Mouth Harp, at Near East University, Atatürk Faculty of Education, Fine Arts Department.

Cyprus, Nicosia
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